Company Summary

GMTS is a consulting and strategy firm helping North American Meeting & Travel Industry professionals increase their business back and forth.

GMTS was founded by Eduardo Chaillo, CMP, and CMM, former executive director for the Meetings industry in the Mexico Tourism Board with 15 years of experience in the meetings and events, tourism and hospitality businesses.

Located in the DC Area, near the Dulles Airport and with thousands of connections in the Association, Corporation and Meetings Industry business world, GMTS will connect players from North America in order for them to increase meeting operation within themselves, with all economic, knowledge and tourism benefits implied.

Social Responsibility

The nature of the essence of this consultancy activity (which is the meeting industry and tourism flow) provides a very sustainable benefit to local communities both in the country of origin, as well as in the destination selected by decision makers.

Everything regarding the projects, marketing materials and deliverables will be handled if possible electronically so we have no over utilization of paper.

When a destination, venue or other type of client achieves the level of activity offered by the advice of GMTS, the benefit and involvement of the receptive community will be great both in a local, state and federal levels in any of the three countries of the North American region and even in Latin America.

Green Meeting policies as well as CSR practices will be always recommended when advising marketers, CVB officers and Governors.

Our Clients

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