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Brenda Yañez

With more than 12 years of experience in international and multicultural organizations, Brenda Yáñez has developed and executed strategic projects to take advantage of new business opportunities.   Brenda has improved operative business processes, keeping track of the main key business performance indicators in order to increase revenue, customer satisfaction, brand awareness or reduce operational costs. Leader, strategist, result oriented, change agent in the public and the private sector, as well as in social volunteering and entrepenurial activities.

In the private sector, she has worked with important international organizations, like Credit Suisse(Financial Services)-where she developed a project for Private Banking,  SAP (Business Software Solutions)- where she  articulated the value proposals for  industries in the Value Engineering Team, Procter & Gamble(Consumer Products)- where she managed projects in the supply chain area and was in charge of the commercial relations with the most important clients in Mexico.

In the public sector, at Washington DC, she worked in a World´s Bank project where she was the Operations Director, and for Mexico Tourism Board, where she was the North America Association Market Director.

Since February 2013, based in Mexico City, Brenda contributes as a consultant for Global Meetings and Tourism Specialist, where she articulates value proposals for audiences and possible international customers in the Meeting Industry like: Colombia, Panama, Jordan and  Argentina among others.  She also gives recommendations related to Project Management, in order to standardize the services provided.

Brenda holds a Master Business Administration by the Instituto Panamericando de Alta Dirección de Empresas (IPADE) , a certificate in Project Management by Georgetown University, and a Leadership Certificate by Cornell University.

Brenda, currently chairs an Association in the community where she lives, and  leads a  team of successful professionals, with the only goal to improve public security indicators and wellness in the community.

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